Very quick, very actionable tip. Let's say that you are going to run an online event or or an in person gathering of any kind. And you want to know what are the speakers that I should invite, what are the topics that I should cover, and where and how should I promote it. Spartoro is kind of amazing for this.

For example, let's say that you were running an event for economists, so you would search for my audience uses this word in their profile, economist. And you could see hashtags where you might promote precisely that. You could see topics Right? Frequently used phrases in the last three months that are very salient to this precise audio You could go to the social tab and you could click on filters, account type individual apply.

Boom. Spark Toro will show you people that are influential to economists and we should probably invite Dina because she's got quite an audience and she'd be a great speaker and she'd probably bring with her precisely the group of people we're looking for. Is not the only way to do this. Let's say, for example, that you're running convertkit dot dot com, which I know Amanda is a fan of, convertkit dot com, you can type in my audience frequently visits this website and you can see great lots of people obviously from ConvertKit engage with their CEO, Nathan. But Jason Freed and Neil Patel and Pat Flynn and Pat Flynn and this Rand Fishkin guy and Sawhel write all of these folks are also highly influential to the ConvertKit audience and if they are running an event, that's probably who they wanna bring If they have a YouTube channel, that's probably who they wanna invite. If they've got a podcast, those would probably make great guests. Pretty darn amazing.