Content marketing is one of the best ways to reach an audience that is interested in what you have to say and to earn their trust and to get them onto your email list or to have them come check out your website, or at least know about your brand. But you have to follow this process, right, where you figure out what to create and where to promote it and who will help you amplify it. And this is where Sparkoro is kinda handy. For for example, you know I was just helping someone with this, if you know that your audience is pharmacists, right?

So my audience uses the word in their profile, pharmacist on like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etcetera. So there's ten thousand pharmacists who are in in the Sparkoro database or people use that word. And then you can dig into text insights and see what they are talking about, right? So these are words in their bio, but these are hashtags that they've used in the last three, four months, these are phrases that they've used in their posts, on Twitter, on LinkedIn, on Facebook, on Instagram, on Reddit, wherever it is, So as you scroll down here, you might say, oh, patient safety.

That seems like an interesting one. I can launch a quick Google trend search from here. Oh, hey, look at that. Google Trends is saying that it is very hot right now.

So Spartoro's telling you it's hot in social postings and Google Trends is telling you it's also hot in search volume, Patient safety might be exactly what you're going after. And so then from there, you could say, alright, I wanna look for an audience that talks about patient safety and I'm located in the United States.

And when I perform this, I I wanna find people who can help me reach and amplify this topic to my audience, eighty three thousand people who've talked about patient safety in the US in the last few months, I can see The hashtags that I can potentially use to amplify that, I can see places where I could go pitch the story to if I wanted to publish under somebody else's umbrella, I could see people who could help me, right, potentially amplify this. I can go filter and say, oh, I only want individuals and then apply that filter see individual people who can help me with that, that that's pretty sweet. Like, it takes me all the way through the process.