In this 95-second video, Rand shows a number of examples of how to apply the wealth of data SparkToro produces from an audience search analysis.


Hey, friends, I've had a bunch of people ask me when I share stuff about SparkToro, they say, oh, this is great, you know, I searched for, you know, maybe my audience frequently use hashtag haircare and great. Spartora's seventy seven hundred profiles of people who've posted to Instagram or Twitter or maybe LinkedIn or Facebook with the hashtag haircare in the last three months and and then they see all this data and they say, what am I supposed to do with this? Like how do I turn this into actionable, useful marketing stuff? And we actually have so we built this little thing showing how to apply this data to your campaigns, you can see examples of how to, for example, build marketing personas based on this data.

Or optimize your social and display ad targeting or creating content based on what you find in the data set. Right? We have the same thing when you look at what the audience visits, follows, subscribe to, right, podcast they listen to a YouTube channel they subscribe to. So we'll show how to do that for whatever influencer campaigns or PR and event campaigns, co branding, co marketing, in spite some of your content strategy pitching for coverage or guest pieces, even just advertising and sponsorships.

But but all of these will lead you to either blog posts that I've written or videos I've done or or content that we've created that can help with those. Hopefully, that'll inspire you to be able to apply the data and spark towards whatever sorts of marketing or audience research problems you've got. We didn't build this to be prescriptive, but we do wanna expire you to take this data and make it actually useful and usable to your campaigns.